Adventures of a Deaf-Mute and Other Short Pieces

by William B. Swett

In Adventures of a Deaf-Mute, Deaf New Englander William B. Swett recounts his adventures in the White Mountains of New Hampshire in the late 1860s. Given to us in short, energetic episodes, Swett tells daring stories of narrow escapes from death and other perilous experiences during his time as a handyman and guide at the Profile House, a hotel named for the nearby Old Man of the Mountain rock formation. A popular destination, the hotel attracted myriad guests, and Swett’s tales of rugged endurance are accompanied by keen observations of the people he meets. The work is accompanied by a new introduction that offers a reflection on Swett’s life and the time in which he lived.

The cover image is Old Man of the Mountain, Franconia Notch, White Mountains (between 1890 and 1901), from the Detroit Publishing Company Photograph Collection in the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.


  • publisher
    Gallaudet University Press
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    Washington, DC