Let's Go In

My Journey to a University Presidency

by T. Alan Hurwitz

T. Alan Hurwitz ascended the ranks of academia to become the president of not one, but two, universities—National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology and Gallaudet University. In Let’s Go In: My Journey to a University Presidency, Hurwitz discusses the unique challenges he encountered as a Deaf person, and the events, people, and experiences that shaped his personal and professional life. He demonstrates the importance of building a strong foundation for progressive leadership roles in higher education, and provides insights into the decision-making and outreach required of a university president, covering topics such as community collaboration, budget management, and networking with public policy leaders. He also stresses that assessing students’ needs should be a top priority. As he reflects on a life committed to service in higher education, Hurwitz offers up important lessons on the issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by deaf and hard of hearing people, and in doing so, inspires future generations of deaf people to aim for their highest goals.

Please note: The Manifold edition of this book is an enhanced edition. This platform allows us to include many more photographs than are possible in a print or ebook. It also allows the inclusion of videos. The print and ebook editions will not contain as many photographs and they will all be black and white.

Cover design by Eric C. Wilder. Front cover image by Cedric B. Egeli.


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